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Why using fake pee for drug test is the easiest way

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fake pee for drug test

As  I mentioned in my previous article, synthetic urine is the way to go if you have an upcoming urine drug test, honestly thats the safest and easiest way. There are various detox products, such as drinks and pills, and they supposed to clean your system permanently, but I highly doubt that these work at all.

Its also important to mention if you choose the detox route, you will have to give up smoking.

Benefits Of Using Fake Pee For Dug Test

Even if you use a cleansing drink what mask toxins in your system (not real detox!!) you still have to stop smoking weed/ using drugs a couple of days before the drug test. If you choose synthetic urine, you dont have to change your habits, you can even smoke weed on the way to the testing lab.

Using fake pee for drug test is easy, just buy a high quality synthetic urine such as Sub solution and you are good to go.

On my youtube channel I often recieve very dumb comments, this is one of them:

“Yeah you should be gucci, I recommend you avoid the at home drug test kits and go to a actual Health care center to see if you can pass somewhere mid December. Also don’t work out 2 days before your test, the day of the test drink a fuckton of water, make a “masking” drink which is (follow the directions EXACTLY as I write it) 2500mg of creatine monohydrate, 60g of sugar or 1/3 cup or 5 tablespoons, 16 oz of water, 20mg of b2 vitamins crushed up and whatever flavoring you want, no caffeine.

I prefer to warm up the water so the stuff can disolve easily. You should probably make 2 of these and drink em 1 hour before your test. Piss 2-3 times before, pound down more water. What it will do is basically make you piss diluted, yellow, nutrient filled urine(so the test wont be dilution or inconclusive). The drink works best 1-3 hours after you take it. Best of luck bro.”

So this guy is bascially give you a recepie of a detox drink what he created, seriously, you do not need to be a chef to pass a drug test. Whats the easier way, cooking a home made detox drink or using fake pee for drug test?

fake pee for drug test

Worst Synthetic Urine Brands

There are a few synthetic urine on the market what are heavily marketed, but not so good quality, here is my avoid at all cost list:

  • Superhero
  • Agent X Synthetic urine
  • P Sure synthetic urine
  • Magnum
  • U pass
  • Xstream synthetic urine
  • Urine Luck

You can read more on this website about using fake pee for drug test. Its a great review site and they go through on everything, basically everything you need to know about synthetic urine. Before purchasing fake pee for drug test, always check out some synthetic urine reviews.

There are tons of review websites, blogs, youtube videos and facebook groups related to drug testing, in these days its really easy to find reliable information online. Be careful with sites that promote something, they can be quite misleading.


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Detox drinks or synthetic urine for drug test

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detox drinks for THC

There are a lot o debate on how to pass a drug test as fast and as easy as possible, there are various methods to trick the system, most of them never worked and some are just pure scam.

When I am saying scam I am talking about „total detox friend” scammy program, which claims to et you clean within a few hours.

All you have to do is to pay some money and they will contact you on phone and tell you how to pass any drug test. Sounds legit right?

Marijuana Cleansing drinks that I DON’T recommend

There are also a a lot of low quality detox drinks and pills. Herbal clean premium detox, Qcarbo, Ultimate gold, Magnum detox drink, Total stealth detox, pure detox, etc…the list is very long. These products are low quality and they dont work.

The basic concept is they  try to get you clean naturally (exercise, drink water, alter your lifestyle, stop smoking) and by the time the detox program is done, you will be clear naturally (unless you are a hardcore smoker), these pills doesn’t have anything to do with the cleansing process, its just a bullshit supplement. When you see „two weeks detox program” do not even keep reading, its a scam.

Detox drinks for drug test

Recommended Detox drinks for drug test

However there are some great quality detox drinks on the market, such as Rescue clenase, Absiolute Detox, Xxtra Clean or Mega clean.

These detox drinks for drug test will get you clean for about 5 hours. During that time you should submit your urine sample and it will be clean of toxins. Make sure you follow their instructions, because if you do not do it right, traces of drug metabolites still can remain in your pee, and even its just a little, you will fail your drug test.

These cleansing drinks costs around 40-60 dollars. Do not buy the cheapest one, you will get what you pay for. Mega clean with cleansing pills for instance costs 69$but it also contains Pre rid detox pills, with this combo you will pass your test guaranteed. But if you buy Mega clean in your local smoke shops for 30$ without the pills, your chances are much slimmer.

Personally, I would only recommend drug detox drinks if the test is supervised and you can not use synthetic urine for drug test. If there is no one else in the room (they will let you know earlier) then always go with synthetic urine.

What are the best synthetic urine brands for drug test

There are many synthetic urine brands on the market and I guess you figured out that many of them are low quality. They basicaly give you some yellow coored water with some added artifical chemicals, but those fake urine samples are nowhere near to real human urine, thats why its importat to learn what are the best synthetic urine brands and how to use them to pass any urine test easily.

The Number 1 synthetic urine

My choice when it comes to synthetic urine is always sub solution. This is the highest quality stuff on the market. It contains almost every chemicals like real human urine, but it doesnt contain artificial stuff like biocide (recently many labs started to check for Biocide in urine sample) if you used a low quality urine brand like Agent X or Magnum, then you will most likely fail.

Sub solution doesn’t contain biocide its good because recently some lab test for this specific chemicals only (they know most synthetic urine contains it) if they don’t find it in your sample and the temperature is good then you passed that test. Its that easy. Synthetic urine still works in 2017 and it will work in the upcomin years.

Second best fake pee for drug test

My second choice is the very popular Quick fix, they did their homework and added every essential chemicals to their latest updated formula, the only problem is I am not sure if they aware of this biocide issue or not. If you don’t have time to order Sub Soution, then always go with Quick Fix. Its costs around 40$ and available in most headshops.

I would recommend synthetic urine over detox drinks, because its much much safer and much easier, detox drinks come handy when the test is supervised, but other than that, I wouldn’t recommend them.

One more word about home remedies for drug test. I would personally would never use them, why?

Because I already know what works and what doesn’t

Because there is no exact directions to any method, our body is different what might work for you might doesn’T work for others. Our body is different and it reacts differently for everything.

Certo Method’s success ratio is far from good, I know one guy who works in a lab and he told me that they catch certo users on daily basis. The traces of certo (sure jell) can be found in urine. These guys in the lab are not stupid. If your job is on the line do not risk, always go with the safest option.

Andy Dick Arrested after Alleged Fondling, Drug Possession

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Andy Dick is at it again with the law. I have recently learned that Andy Dick has been arrested and released on a $5,000 bond after allegedly being caught with marijuana and xanerax in his possession. This is only the tip of the iceberg, though; he was also arrested for allegedly fondling a 17-year-old in Murrieta, California, outside a restaurant, causing her bra to come down and expose her breast. This allegation was what led to the finding of the drugs, as reported by Los Angeles Times.

The 17-year-old in the case against Andy Dick was heard saying that she had only wanted to meet Andy Dick after hearing he was in the restaurant, according to Nancy Grace’s show.

There have been many reports of celebrities like Andy Dick with a drug and drinking problem. These celebrities, who should be in rehab, often go on with their life thinking that they can get away with anything. Many callers on the television show Nancy Grace had said that they didn’t understand why he would have done such a thing.

Alcoholism may have played a role in what Andy Dick had allegedly done, but it is still no excuse for bad behavior just because you are a celebrity.

Andy Dick

Getting help for your addiction unlike Andy Dick has

Many have come to know alcoholism as a disease. It is called a disease since many can not control their actions once addicted and once cured, most still have the urge to drink.

A drug addiction is also hard to break just like alcoholism. Drug addicts usually go through the treatment process but only a few will actually never do drugs again.

Family and friends should be people to lean on even though many will disown drug and alcohol addicts because they cannot see this person lead their life this way, many have come around to care for this individual after they see that they are trying to get help.

There are many places that can help such as rehabilitation centers. Rehabilitation centers can help to break a habit and to get people back on the right track. There are also programs such as AA meetings that help people through a 12 step program.

What to do if you know an addict like Andy Dick

Many people like Andy Dick who are addicts, may not realize the damage that they are doing to others and to themselves. If you are a family member or a friend of someone who is an addict, talk to them and seek out programs that will help them.

Rehabilitation programs for people like Andy Dick

No one can be forced to go to a rehabilitation center unless they have a court order to do so. Instead of trying to force a person to go into rehab, help them to understand how their life would be off of drugs. Once a person sees what they have done and truly understands their life now and the way that it was before the drugs or alcohol they will see that life may be better for them without the addiction problem.

Andy Dick in the Media

Andy Dick is a comedian who is also known for being in trouble with the law time and time again. Addicts like Andy Dick, think that it is funny to do the things that they do without realizing that they are making a fool out of themselves.

Celebrities such as Andy Dick need to learn from their actions. Some would argue that a $5,000 bond is only playing favoritism but in actuality, this may be the same amount that an ordinary individual would have to pay for doing something like what he had done. On the other hand, Andy Dick doesn’t seem to be learning from his mistakes.

When NOT To Use Synthetic Urine

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fake urine for drug test

There are a couple of synthetic urine on the market what will help you go thrugh a urine drug test, however there are some brands what are no good anymore, they used to have good reputation, but their company decided not to update their formula, what worked back in 2010 probably doesn’t work in 2017 anymore.

Old, But Bad Quality Synthetic Urine Brands

Things have changed, drug tests became much more sophisticated than before, so mark my word, do not buy any synthetic urine which wasn’t updated this year, as I mentioned in my previous article the best ones: Sub Solution and Quick Fix both have been updated and they contain every chemical what are required to pass a urine drug test in 2017.

Monkey Whizz can also be an option and the forth best option is SynthetX5 fake urine, but I would only advise you these brands if Sub Solutionand Quick Fix are not available. Its a good idea to buy 2-3 bottles in advance, who knows when will you need it again, not to mention Sub Solution has a buy 3 get 4 promo going on.

If the test is supervised than I wouldn’t recommend to use synthetic urine. Supervised means someone will escort you to the testing room and stand right behind you while you are peeing. There are some devices for this situation, such as synthetic urine belts, The Monkey donk from the manufacturer from Monkey Whizz synthetic urine, and of course the most famous one, the Whizzinator, what I honestly wouldn’t recommend for anyone.

Whizzinator Synthetic urine Belt Review

Don’t use the wizzinator. The dick is way too shiny and just looks fake. Any real drug test supervisor will spot it. If you get the one without the fake dick, you might be able to fool them by practicing in front of a mirror.

I sewed the tubing into the elastic of an old pair of boxers. The tube was positioned under my actual dick, and I pulled the elastic down over my junk, rather than using the hole. If you practice you can learn to operate the clamp silently. But honestly, if you are going through this much trouble, you might want to start asking yourself why you feel the need to stay high all the time, even when the stakes are so high.

The conclusion is to do not use synthetic urine for supervised drug test. These devices are overpriced, especially the whizzinor and you need a nervs of steel to pull this trick. Synthetic urine works very well if you are alone in the room and you can set the temperature comfortably.

Synthetic Urine belt

Always use the trusted brands with lots of positive feedback

As I mention I perfer Sub Solution and Quick fix synthetic urine, because their manufacturer keep updating the formula and they are basically undetectable for a standard urine test. However there are some really bad quality brands what are available everywhere and they

Why Do We Treat Alcohol and Marijuana so Differently in the United States?

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Please take a few minutes to read this article and leave a comment if you have anything to contribute to a discussion.

For a long time alcohol and marijuana have been treated so differently. One is socialably acceptable, the other has to be hidden and is taboo. But should it really be treated this way? It is almost like allowing someone to eat one spicy food, but not another because it might cause heart burn.

Granted both of these drugs will cause health issues if used enough. I am not suggesting that they are healthy or anything of the sort. But why allow one and not the other in todays world. As far as the smoking aspects tobacco is legal as well.

I would venture a guess that being under the influence of alcohol is significantly more dangerous to ones self and others, when compared to that of marijuana. I have heard of many individuals being killed by alcohol poisoning or drinking and driving. I haven’t heard much in the way of marijuana poisoning.


In todays world I see the fact that there is a large group of individuals who use marijuana on a regular basis. By decriminalizing it I would think the government could get some much needed tax revenues. If it were decriminalized it could make the aquisition and use more safer as well. People would not have to interact with street drug dealers and would be more able to use safer ways of ingestion.

Personally I have seen people get quite crazy and violent on alcohol. I have also seen many automobile accidents related to alcohol. I’m sure marijuana alters the mind, but why treat it so much differently than alcohol. When comparing alcohol and marijuana sometimes marijuana can appear to the softer of the two.

With decriminalization it could actually help the war on drugs here in the United States. This would allow them to focus on the harder drugs and make a distinction. In this day and age a person who uses marijuana is most likely exposed to these harder drugs when aquiring their product. Imagine if it were this way with alcohol. You go to the store to get some beer and the clerk tries to sell you X, Y, and Z as well. I believe that the government should really consider putting some realistic regulations on marijuana, as what they are doing now is not working they way they planned.

I would think that by re-evaluating how we look at this topic today, we can take a more efficient stance against hard drugs.

The Simple Truth About Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

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driving while high

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a huge problem in this country, and those of us who do not reside beneath a rock are fully aware of that fact. What seems to get little or no attention in this country is the problem of driving under the influence of marijuana.

Smoking marijuana is known to impair perception, judgment, and the ability to concentrate. It can induce paranoia, hallucinations, and panic attacks. And yet for some reason, there is little fuss made about the dangers of smoking pot and then getting behind the wheel of a car.

Driving Under the Influence of Marijuana

Why do we so strongly discourage the practice of drinking alcohol and driving? Well, the first huge reason is that drinking alcohol impairs judgment – much the same as smoking marijuana. As far as impaired ability to concentrate – it goes without saying that the ability to concentrate on the task at hand is at least slightly important when driving am automobile.

Smoking marijuana also affects the ability to react. If you have ever been high, or seen someone who is high, the lack of ability to react quickly to a situation can seem amusing. And it probably is amusing in the safety of a home. Unfortunately for those who choose to smoke marijuana and get behind the wheel of a car, reaction time is critical when it comes to driving an automobile.

Am I anti-marijuana? Nope. I do not smoke the drug myself, but if alcohol is legal (and I do enjoy the occasional margarita or three) then marijuana should also be legal. Many of the bad side effects are the same between alcohol and marijuana – impaired judgment, inability to concentrate, delayed reaction time – are the same.

In fact, if I had to choose one of the two drugs to be legal, I would probably lean towards marijuana simply because I have never seen a violent pothead and I have seen plenty of violent drunks.

But if the two drugs are going to be used – legally or otherwise – then the same rules of safety should be applied. In other words – don’t toke and drive. If you are going to smoke pot – have a designated driver, just as you would if you were going to drink alcohol.

And remember that the effects of marijuana take more than 24 hours to wear off, so do not feel that you are safe to blaze up and then drive a couple of hours later.

You can stay cool always with the help of the THC

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The THC stands for the tetrahydrocannabinol is a type of the chemical that is produced in the marijuana. The marijuana is a type of the drug that had been used in the cigarette and this also can be taken indirectly in the different form.

The THC that is the cannabinoids are used to boost the working process of the brain as well it also used for the many different medical purposes.
If you are familiar with it then it would be easy for you to know how to detox from THC because it can be used in the many different ways to boost and promote your body from inside. The detrox would process inside your body and helps to cleanse the body. These would really workout in many people and had given the good benefits.

But in other cases it may creates some types of the side effects that would really spoil your entire mood.

• It would make you to feel uncomfortable with the irritability and you would be in the depression mood.
• It would decrease the level of the appetite and create the multiple different set of the side effects.

Even you can obtain THC in the natural form

If you really want to know how to detox from THC then you can follow some of the healthy plans and try out them. You can also get them through the proper exercise and regular workouts with the healthy food items. Then you must have the regular habit of drinking the good water frequently and have a cup of tea which would help the body to cooperate with the detox process. You also must take care about your mental health which would make you to do get the best results within a short time.

If not then you can also buy some readymade products (detox drinks and synthetic urine) that are available for the detox and make use of them to get the effective results.

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