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Detox drinks or synthetic urine for drug test

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detox drinks for THC

There are a lot o debate on how to pass a drug test as fast and as easy as possible, there are various methods to trick the system, most of them never worked and some are just pure scam.

When I am saying scam I am talking about „total detox friend” scammy program, which claims to et you clean within a few hours.

All you have to do is to pay some money and they will contact you on phone and tell you how to pass any drug test. Sounds legit right?

Marijuana Cleansing drinks that I DON’T recommend

There are also a a lot of low quality detox drinks and pills. Herbal clean premium detox, Qcarbo, Ultimate gold, Magnum detox drink, Total stealth detox, pure detox, etc…the list is very long. These products are low quality and they dont work.

The basic concept is they  try to get you clean naturally (exercise, drink water, alter your lifestyle, stop smoking) and by the time the detox program is done, you will be clear naturally (unless you are a hardcore smoker), these pills doesn’t have anything to do with the cleansing process, its just a bullshit supplement. When you see „two weeks detox program” do not even keep reading, its a scam.

Detox drinks for drug test

Recommended Detox drinks for drug test

However there are some great quality detox drinks on the market, such as Rescue clenase, Absiolute Detox, Xxtra Clean or Mega clean.

These detox drinks for drug test will get you clean for about 5 hours. During that time you should submit your urine sample and it will be clean of toxins. Make sure you follow their instructions, because if you do not do it right, traces of drug metabolites still can remain in your pee, and even its just a little, you will fail your drug test.

These cleansing drinks costs around 40-60 dollars. Do not buy the cheapest one, you will get what you pay for. Mega clean with cleansing pills for instance costs 69$but it also contains Pre rid detox pills, with this combo you will pass your test guaranteed. But if you buy Mega clean in your local smoke shops for 30$ without the pills, your chances are much slimmer.

Personally, I would only recommend drug detox drinks if the test is supervised and you can not use synthetic urine for drug test. If there is no one else in the room (they will let you know earlier) then always go with synthetic urine.

What are the best synthetic urine brands for drug test

There are many synthetic urine brands on the market and I guess you figured out that many of them are low quality. They basicaly give you some yellow coored water with some added artifical chemicals, but those fake urine samples are nowhere near to real human urine, thats why its importat to learn what are the best synthetic urine brands and how to use them to pass any urine test easily.

The Number 1 synthetic urine

My choice when it comes to synthetic urine is always sub solution. This is the highest quality stuff on the market. It contains almost every chemicals like real human urine, but it doesnt contain artificial stuff like biocide (recently many labs started to check for Biocide in urine sample) if you used a low quality urine brand like Agent X or Magnum, then you will most likely fail.

Sub solution doesn’t contain biocide its good because recently some lab test for this specific chemicals only (they know most synthetic urine contains it) if they don’t find it in your sample and the temperature is good then you passed that test. Its that easy. Synthetic urine still works in 2017 and it will work in the upcomin years.

Second best fake pee for drug test

My second choice is the very popular Quick fix, they did their homework and added every essential chemicals to their latest updated formula, the only problem is I am not sure if they aware of this biocide issue or not. If you don’t have time to order Sub Soution, then always go with Quick Fix. Its costs around 40$ and available in most headshops.

I would recommend synthetic urine over detox drinks, because its much much safer and much easier, detox drinks come handy when the test is supervised, but other than that, I wouldn’t recommend them.

One more word about home remedies for drug test. I would personally would never use them, why?

Because I already know what works and what doesn’t

Because there is no exact directions to any method, our body is different what might work for you might doesn’T work for others. Our body is different and it reacts differently for everything.

Certo Method’s success ratio is far from good, I know one guy who works in a lab and he told me that they catch certo users on daily basis. The traces of certo (sure jell) can be found in urine. These guys in the lab are not stupid. If your job is on the line do not risk, always go with the safest option.

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