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Andy Dick Arrested after Alleged Fondling, Drug Possession

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Andy Dick is at it again with the law. I have recently learned that Andy Dick has been arrested and released on a $5,000 bond after allegedly being caught with marijuana and xanerax in his possession. This is only the tip of the iceberg, though; he was also arrested for allegedly fondling a 17-year-old in Murrieta, California, outside a restaurant, causing her bra to come down and expose her breast. This allegation was what led to the finding of the drugs, as reported by Los Angeles Times.

The 17-year-old in the case against Andy Dick was heard saying that she had only wanted to meet Andy Dick after hearing he was in the restaurant, according to Nancy Grace’s show.

There have been many reports of celebrities like Andy Dick with a drug and drinking problem. These celebrities, who should be in rehab, often go on with their life thinking that they can get away with anything. Many callers on the television show Nancy Grace had said that they didn’t understand why he would have done such a thing.

Alcoholism may have played a role in what Andy Dick had allegedly done, but it is still no excuse for bad behavior just because you are a celebrity.

Andy Dick

Getting help for your addiction unlike Andy Dick has

Many have come to know alcoholism as a disease. It is called a disease since many can not control their actions once addicted and once cured, most still have the urge to drink.

A drug addiction is also hard to break just like alcoholism. Drug addicts usually go through the treatment process but only a few will actually never do drugs again.

Family and friends should be people to lean on even though many will disown drug and alcohol addicts because they cannot see this person lead their life this way, many have come around to care for this individual after they see that they are trying to get help.

There are many places that can help such as rehabilitation centers. Rehabilitation centers can help to break a habit and to get people back on the right track. There are also programs such as AA meetings that help people through a 12 step program.

What to do if you know an addict like Andy Dick

Many people like Andy Dick who are addicts, may not realize the damage that they are doing to others and to themselves. If you are a family member or a friend of someone who is an addict, talk to them and seek out programs that will help them.

Rehabilitation programs for people like Andy Dick

No one can be forced to go to a rehabilitation center unless they have a court order to do so. Instead of trying to force a person to go into rehab, help them to understand how their life would be off of drugs. Once a person sees what they have done and truly understands their life now and the way that it was before the drugs or alcohol they will see that life may be better for them without the addiction problem.

Andy Dick in the Media

Andy Dick is a comedian who is also known for being in trouble with the law time and time again. Addicts like Andy Dick, think that it is funny to do the things that they do without realizing that they are making a fool out of themselves.

Celebrities such as Andy Dick need to learn from their actions. Some would argue that a $5,000 bond is only playing favoritism but in actuality, this may be the same amount that an ordinary individual would have to pay for doing something like what he had done. On the other hand, Andy Dick doesn’t seem to be learning from his mistakes.

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