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Why using fake pee for drug test is the easiest way

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fake pee for drug test

As  I mentioned in my previous article, synthetic urine is the way to go if you have an upcoming urine drug test, honestly thats the safest and easiest way. There are various detox products, such as drinks and pills, and they supposed to clean your system permanently, but I highly doubt that these work at all.

Its also important to mention if you choose the detox route, you will have to give up smoking.

Benefits Of Using Fake Pee For Dug Test

Even if you use a cleansing drink what mask toxins in your system (not real detox!!) you still have to stop smoking weed/ using drugs a couple of days before the drug test. If you choose synthetic urine, you dont have to change your habits, you can even smoke weed on the way to the testing lab.

Using fake pee for drug test is easy, just buy a high quality synthetic urine such as Sub solution and you are good to go.

On my youtube channel I often recieve very dumb comments, this is one of them:

“Yeah you should be gucci, I recommend you avoid the at home drug test kits and go to a actual Health care center to see if you can pass somewhere mid December. Also don’t work out 2 days before your test, the day of the test drink a fuckton of water, make a “masking” drink which is (follow the directions EXACTLY as I write it) 2500mg of creatine monohydrate, 60g of sugar or 1/3 cup or 5 tablespoons, 16 oz of water, 20mg of b2 vitamins crushed up and whatever flavoring you want, no caffeine.

I prefer to warm up the water so the stuff can disolve easily. You should probably make 2 of these and drink em 1 hour before your test. Piss 2-3 times before, pound down more water. What it will do is basically make you piss diluted, yellow, nutrient filled urine(so the test wont be dilution or inconclusive). The drink works best 1-3 hours after you take it. Best of luck bro.”

So this guy is bascially give you a recepie of a detox drink what he created, seriously, you do not need to be a chef to pass a drug test. Whats the easier way, cooking a home made detox drink or using fake pee for drug test?

fake pee for drug test

Worst Synthetic Urine Brands

There are a few synthetic urine on the market what are heavily marketed, but not so good quality, here is my avoid at all cost list:

  • Superhero
  • Agent X Synthetic urine
  • P Sure synthetic urine
  • Magnum
  • U pass
  • Xstream synthetic urine
  • Urine Luck

You can read more on this website about using fake pee for drug test. Its a great review site and they go through on everything, basically everything you need to know about synthetic urine. Before purchasing fake pee for drug test, always check out some synthetic urine reviews.

There are tons of review websites, blogs, youtube videos and facebook groups related to drug testing, in these days its really easy to find reliable information online. Be careful with sites that promote something, they can be quite misleading.


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